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A few days ago, Rollei, a German brand of photography accessories offered me try several of their carbon tripods, including a new tripod that appeared on 8th of March. This tripod is named “Rock Solid Gamma Carbon”.

It’s a tripod that from the moment get it out of its carrying case not leave me indifferent for its high quality of materials and construction.


Built in carbon fiber and with a weight of 1.350gr , it is fantastic for traveling, holding a maximum weight of 16kg. It has a maximum height of 151cm and a minimum height of 7 cm, removing the center column. This is perfect to take pictures at ground level. One thing I love of that tripod is its folding size, 47,5cm, so I can carry it in my cabin suitcase when I travel in airplane.

It’s a four section tripod with a tubes diameter form 28mm to 17,5mm, making it very stable for it little weight. I have tested it with my nikon D810 and Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 lens that together they have a big weight and I haven’t noticed any stability problem, having sharp picture in long exposure. As its legs are made of carbon fiber, small vibrations will be absorbed.

  • Weight: 1.350 gr

  • Maximum height: 151 cm

  • Minimum height: 7 cm

  • Floding size: 47,5 cm

  • Maximum load: 16 kg

  • Legs diameter: 28 / 24,5 /21 / 17,5 mm

This tripod includes a bag for transport, metal spikes and rubber plugs for legs to use it in different surfaces, allen keys set and a shorter central column to use it at ground level.

Algunos de los accesorios que acompañan al trípode.

Another of the most important things of this tripod and often not taken into account when we buy a tripod is maintenance, this Rollei tripod is completely removable, which greatly facilitates cleaning when removing sand from the beach that stays embedded enters the legs. For that detail this is a highly recommended tripod, you can see a picture below of how the legs are attached.

Detalle de como se desmontan las patas.

Also say that is already prepared to use with sand and beach water without suffering any kind of corrosion.

My conclusion is that if you are looking for a light tripod to use everyday to for travelling, this is a perfect tripod for its light weight and its dimensions that make it useful in any situation.

Perfecto para viaje.

If you need more information on this tripod or any of the Rollei products, I recommend you to visit Rollei website: www.rollei.com



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